Please review the below to see how we cater for our guests who have food allergies and dietary requirements.

We ask guests who have allergies, to please make themselves known to our staff.

All our lounges have an allergen table listing out the 14 major allergens for all dishes served in the lounge. This information is provided through our allergen portal, allowing guests to decide which dish is safe for them to eat.

We do not have hidden nuts in our food, but we are not a nut free environment (we serve nut mixes in our bar snacks). Nuts in our products are indicated in the description.

We will provide a clear description of all the food on our menus, if you are ever unsure about what any dish is in our lounges, please speak to a member of our team in the lounge who will be happy to help you with this.

We can only provide information about planned ingredients in products. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we are provided with accurate information about allergens contained in the products we buy.

Our kitchens serve dishes containing most of the major allergens so we cannot claim that dishes prepared or handled in our kitchens are allergen-free. Cross contamination can occur either in our kitchens or in self service area.

All pantry tables and menus contain signage indicating allergens that may be present.

Allergen Portal Link

View all of our lounge menus via the below link, each lounge brand has their own menu and allergen portal. To find your lounge menu, click on the link below, select the lounge brand you will be visiting.


Allergen Portal