As a responsible purveyor of alcohol within the airport, and due to a rise in the number of alcohol related incidents, our lounges operate a Fit2Fly policy which is intended to highlight alcohol consumption within the airport.

Under UK and European Laws, it is an offence to board an aircraft whilst appearing to be drunk.

Whilst we want you to enjoy your stay in the lounge, we also want to do our best to ensure that you avoid any potential issues regarding the boarding of your flight. Therefore, our staff will adhere to the following guidelines to make sure that not just your lounge stay, but also your holiday or business trip gets off to a great start. 

Our staff monitor alcohol consumption and will politely advise any guest of this policy and the law if they believe the levels of consumption may pose a threat to travel plans.


1. Enjoy a drink whilst you wait for your flight.

2. On your second drink, we ask all guests to be mindful of their alcohol consumption.

3. On your third drink, staff may remind guests of the law surrounding boarding on aircraft whilst appearing to be drunk.

The safety of our staff and guests is our priority and as such, we reserve the right to eject any guests from the lounge whose behaviour under the influence of alcohol is found to be compromising the safety of others, forfeiting any reimbursement. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to any guest that appears to be drunk, who fails to show adequate identification when asked to prove age or any guest whose behavious is inappropriate. By entering our lounges you are agreeing to this policy.